police academy training

Pre-Law Enforcement Training Program

A career in law enforcement is hard enough to secure as it is; let us help make sure that you not only make it through the academy, but do so being proud of yourself.

If you have already received the letter from a certifying agency, your clock set for day one has already begun to tick. 

Our carefully thought out program, headed by experienced strength and conditioning specialists who have been through the academy themselves is designed to put you in position to take on “the 20 weeks of hell”.

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If your dream is to obtain a career in law enforcement, don't let the academy stand in your way.  When a hiring agency sends recruits to the academy, they know and expect to lose recruits. A vast majority of those who will not make it are unable to perform physical training and/or unable to qualify on the gun range.  It is our stance, as well as scientific fact that these elements of the police academy can be greatly improved by strength and conditioning training.  Our program specifically tailored to address each recruit will prepare them for the academy and beyond. Are you one they  plan on losing?