training your mind to transform your body

In my 30 years of teaching nutrition and exercise I have learned that training the mind is the key to training the body. Over-training, under-training, eating, compliance, discipline, work ethic, overcoming adversity, focus and confidence all begin in the mind. We need to create new habits and overcome our personal adversities so that the mind, body, and performance change. Neuroplasticity is the ability to change your brains wiring and habits. This is the key to our training.
— Joe Garafolo CSCS, Founder & Program Director

Since 1985, exercise, nutrition, and mental health have been our focus at Performance Incorporated. Our 'bio-psycho-social' model looks at the whole person, a state of the art method of treating fitness for performance-oriented clients and athletes. We understand your total needs and provide customized individual programs focused on healthy eating with a training program geared toward helping everyone to actualize his or her own best "fit" self.


We design training tools to enhance the quality and duration of client lives through coaching, exercise, nutrition, yoga and lifestyle change.  We empower each client to learn and incorporate these skills independently into everyday life through coaching to encourage growth of strong minds and bodies. 


We empower you; we give you the ability and insight to impact all aspects of well being. Our program targets your specific needs, budget and learning style. Every client is given a full assessment, treating each person as an individual with their own needs and goals.  We focus your mind to optimize your body through our teaching and coaching techniques. 


Performance Incorporated  began in 1985.  Founder, Joe Garafolo, building on 8 years in private practice, formulated a unique program based not only on exercise but also on nutrition and lifestyle.  Today, Performance Incorporated includes a whole team of professionals, schooled in these well honed principles working together with a mantra to deliver and improve quality of life.