Speed / Agility

Speed and agility training requires excellent technique, mobility, and strength, coupled with progressive jump training called plyometrics. We measure each athletes progress with accurate equipment that can measure each athletes speed, acceleration and deceleration. This enables our training staff to make the correct decisions in adjusting program changes.


Strength / Power

Progressive strength training can increase bone density, muscle mass, metabolic rate, and tendon strength. It also reduces injury and is the foundation for speed development. After each client learns proper lifting technique we implement a individual based training program that increases the athletes strength and allows for proper recovery. This method is called periodization.


Meditation / Visualization

The mind can be our most powerful asset or it can destroy even the greatest natural talent. Dedication, resilience, courage, addiction, drive, positive thinking are only a few of the products of the mind. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form new connections and habits. We provide a meditation and visualization workshops that can help you change habits, relax,and succeed.


Mobility / Flexibility

When our mobility is impaired our whole body is effected. Strength imbalances, muscle guarding, and inflexibility can be limiting our movement patterns. We begin our assessment with a functional movement screening FMS to determine if you have any imbalances.

Combine evaluation

We offer a spring and a summer combine every year that includes over 30 tests to determine our athletes improvement. We can also test for special components of an individual athletes performance like pitching a baseball or shooting a basketball. Reviewing video with an athlete helps them see what they are doing right and wrong.

We will also come out to your school or team and run a video combine to assess your programs effectiveness.

Primary Post Rehab.jpg

Pre / Post Rehabilitation

Working with your physician and physical therapist our training staff can continue to work with your injury after you have been released from physical therapy. Many times athletes need to gain confidence after being released form physical therapy. Our staff works with each athlete to regain their field confidence.